{Shabby Pickle Designs} CT Call!

By Erika T. - 8:31 PM

Shabby Pickle Designs CT CALL
fresh look . fresh challenges . fresh faces

We are completely revamping the site and we’re on the look out for Baby Gherkins, Ad Pickles and Challenge Pickles!

If you have the drive to be a part of a busy shoppe site CT and you love participating, chatting, leaving love and scrapping, we are calling you!

Call runs Wed, 2/17-Sat, 2/20! Apply quick!

Please submit applications to: shabbypicklecall@hotmail.com and be sure to include what position you are applying for in the subject line (ie. Call- Ad Pickle, etc).

Include the following information in your application.
-Your real name and user name in the forums.
-A link to your most complete and active gallery.
-Links to 2 layouts (or ads) that show off your best work.
-Your current CT and/or Design commitments (please include any and all, current or upcoming guest spots, etc).
-Why you think you would be a good fit at Shabby Pickle and the skills/experience you bring with you.
-A bit about yourself, on a personal level. Be yourself!

Here is the general breakdown of the different position requirements.

Baby Gherkin- Site CT Member (20-25 positions)
-Complete a minimum of three layouts per month.
-Post your layouts to three galleries (Shabby Pickle, DST and one of your choosing).
-Participate in the forum and gallery on a routine basis!
-Participate and create layouts for our challenges as you are able.
-Participate in blog posts.
-100% access to the shoppe, must use what you download within a week.

Ad Pickle- Site Ad Creator (3-5 positions)
-In charge of keeping our facebook and twitter accounts up to date with the site's latest news, sales and general happenings.
-Create ads for guest designer debuts on a monthly basis. We use this ad for the blog and for the newsletter.
-Create ad for the monthly site collab.
-Create random ads per request (in a timely manner).
-Checks into the forum regularly.
-100% access to the shoppe to create ads.

Challenge Pickle- Challenge Hostess/Creator (3-5 positions)
-Must have a knack for getting people amp'd up and involved with challenges.
-Responsible for creating up to 5 fresh and fun challenges per month and posting them in the public forum.
-Very organized and timely. Can get challenges posted early enough so the site team can create layouts for the challenges.
-Checks into the forum regularly.
-100% access to the shoppe to create layouts for challenges.

If any of these sound good to you and you want to be a part of a fun and fabulous site, send in your application!

Best of Luck!

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