funny challenge!! win $10 coupon to my shop!!!

By Erika T. - 11:22 AM

Hello my dears.

Today I wondered how we could do a little more fun here. I decided for some fun challenges from time to time. What do you think about?
This week I came up with something very nice. You can win $10 coupon to my shop if you show me your favourite photo with your friend, husband or life partner, that you like the most. It would be great to see you.
Of course, I add a photo as first. My son Tim snap this photo. He is 5 years old and I teach him to shoot with SLR. lol I think he is clever, isn't he? :D

it is sufficient to put a link to your photo here, or on my FB

I can't wait see you!
Winner will be announce on Friday!
Remember!!! $10 coupon on anything from my store!


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8 komentárov

  1. This is my favorite one of me and my husband:


  3. My family :)

  4. FANTASTIC photos all from you!!! Thank you so much!! Im happy you shared your amazing photos with me!

  5. This is my favourite of my hunni and me xx

  6. Amazing photo MizTeeque!! Thank you so much

  7. Yes your son is very clever. he has taken a wonderful shoot fo you and your husband. Here is my page with my son in law Abbe and my gradnson Zacharias I took this photolast summer. I love this photo of a loving father and his son

  8. Your son has taken a great photo! You are going to have a talented photographer in the family. :)

    Here's a photo of my boyfriend and me:

    Thank you so much for the chance, Erika!!!