DREAM BIG Collection *NEW*

By Erika T. - 10:43 AM

First of all I wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR
I hope you spended a beautiful holiday time with your families and friends ♥

I am so excited to share our brand new Promo with you! We’re bringing you the same amazing deals you’ve come to expect at PBP, but we’ve added a NEW TWIST to Berry BiG Deals that we didn’t have with our previous promos!

This is how it works:
  • Each month, the designers are given THREE COLORS that they must use in their designs!
  • Each designer chooses THREE ADDITIONAL COLORS that THEY want to add to the palette!
  • Designers Create four or eight products that are bundled together and sold in our Berry BiG Deal Bundles (prices are either $4 or $8, depending on the number of products…that still makes the individual products just $1 each!)
  • Individual Products are also available at a discount of 50%!
and this is my brand new collection under this promo
DREAM BIG { 8 full packs inside }

do not miss it, it will never be cheaper
January 15 - January 18 only

The Collection Dream Big includes
{ images are clickable}

and last but not least, I have really nice inspiration from the creative team for you

and many more will be in my gallery at PBP
There is also re-release in the shop from the last week
at PBP here
Welcome Winter Collection
or at OSCRAP
Welcome Winter Collection
/ I am sorry I didn't send newsletter so you still can grab it for a bargain price /

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